Close Protection

RBG Protective Services is comprised of an elite team of experienced, trained professionals. Whether your requirements are domestic or international, we provide unparalleled support and protection. Our team is comprised of personnel trained and skilled for deployment in all environments.

● Executive Protection
● VIP, Celebrity, Private Persons
● Physical Security, Residential Security, and Facility Management
● Motorcades/Armored Car/Convoys
● Aircraft/Airborne Protection
● Maritime and Marine Protection
● Reconnaissance and Intelligence
● International Personal Security Details
● Risk Assessment and Mitigation
● Event Planning and Deployment of Security Services
● Security Consultation and Planning
● Education/Training for traveling VIP, private persons, or corporations
● Specialized Security Awareness Instruction

When it comes to safety and security, there is no compromise. Engage only the trained, skilled, and experienced with RBC Protective Services.