About Us

RBG Security Inc. is a Canadian-owned and operated security services provider, founded in 2011. We offer customized and fully integrated security solutions to a diverse customer base across public and private sectors, including industrial, commercial, institutional, and multi-residential real estate.

From regular security and concierge to undercover investigation, personal protection, security assessments and audits, our dedicated and knowledgeable team members are always ready to deliver superior and urgent service, with military precision, while providing peace of mind in a professional and dedicated manner.  We’re highly skilled and responsive to delivering positive results and recognize that our ability to exceed our clients’ expectations is critical to our total success. 

We have developed a reputation for high quality, dependable service and appreciate our business growth based on positive referrals and recommendations. 

As a division of ICS Facility Services, we have access to multidisciplinary business services, including janitorial and disinfection services, smart technology, and autonomous robotics. Access to multidisciplinary services represents significant notable value-added potential.

RBG Security Inc. proudly provides security services to many regions across Canada.



Exceptional Customer Service
Monthly Training
Dedicated Mobile Unit
Cutting Edge Technology
24 x 7 Dispatch Service
Special Task Squad
Close Protection

Why Choose Us?

RBG Security offers security courses and training and development programs that reflects the high caliber of security services for which our clients have come to rely on us.  We review training expectations and customize applicable programs as required.  And, we make sure that our guards are fully trained and follow the post orders provided by our valued clients prior to sending them to the work site.

RBG Security protects people, property and assets around the clock, 365 days a year. Our Dedicated Dispatch teams maintain communications and are connected with each RBG security guard through a special mobile application. This technology helps us manage performance and ensures that we provide the highest level of customer service.

Entrepreneurial-minded, RBG takes an innovative and integrated approach to security solutions. This includes the installation of security cameras, concierge software management, license plate recognition system, and leak detection technology

RBG Security fosters a culture of open communication. We stay informed of industry standards and invest in our team’s performance to ensure service excellence and exceptional results. Our online booking system and Building Connect portal centralizes the flow of information. We also believe in frequent face-to-face communications to ensure a positive level of connectivity and team spirit. 

As a division of ICS Facility Services, we offer enhanced service competencies across five areas of expertise, contracted on an individual basis or bundled together, that add significant value to our customers. Whether it’s cleaning services, construction projects, security requirements, smart technology solutions or waste and recycling management, our clients appreciate our multi-faceted company as their one-stop-shop for their facility services and special event needs.

When We dispatch a guard to your site, we assure that they are fully trained and knows the security  guard protocols, We provide monthly training on fire alarms, noise complaints, report writing.   not  for only our guards we provide interactive training videos on our youtube channel for others as well.